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The news letter from our Missionnaries in Romania.


·         Our time in Constanta exceeded our expectations.  We had 13 couples as well as some singles attend the conference.  Mircea and Ronela are leaders in prison ministry and indicated that they could see ways to use marriage mentoring in ministering to inmates.  This couple and several others have made commitments to start small groups using The Art of Marriage materials.  Pray for these couples as they follow the leadership of their new pastor, Sergiu Bradean, in reaching out to families.     

·         We are joining the team from America for an evangelism/medical mission back in Suceava, where our trip began.  We arrived this morning, two days earlier than the team.  It seems that nothing else was planned for this week because God has something for us to do here.   Please continue to pray that we will have a strong finish to our ministry in Romania.


Constanta is on the coast of the Black Sea.  It is a tourist town for many Europeans.  We spent three hours one day touring the beach under the leadership of our 11 year old tour guide, the pastor’s daughter Dania (pronounced Don’ya).  The rest of our days were spent within walking distance of the church. 

The young pastor has been there only for four weeks, but he has already developed strong relationships with the couples we met.  We hope to be able to work with him again and his family in the future.  

The marriage conference was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for a total of 8 ½ hours.  The time was perfect to cover all the material and allow needed time for participant participation.

We had met Mircea and Ronela in Constanta 11 years ago.  It was a joy to be with them again; on the last night we got into a conversation with their 18 year old son who remembered us from 11 years ago.  You never know who is watching you.

Today we arrived back in Suceava by overnight train.  We are convinced that God did not give us an alternative plan because it has always been in His plan for us to return to Suceava.  Tonight we spoke in a church that Pastor Dan Boingeanu started 30 years ago.  After we shared about an hour from the conference, one of the elders told us that he had been praying that God would send someone to teach their families biblical principles on marriage.  What an awesome God we serve!

Tomorrow we are meeting with a pastor here that had contacted us months ago.  We were not able to work with him in July; perhaps God has brought us back to work with him this week.  We are eager to learn what God has in store for us now.

We have indeed been blessed by your prayers.  We have enjoyed health, safety, stamina, provision, rest and blessing from God every step of the way.  We praise God for what He has allowed us to experience.

Jim & Cheryl

This week at FBCFM ... busy busy and fun fun ...

If there is one week you have got to come to your church this is one. We have a fun week ahead. Today Our Pastor Search Committee was in a day retreat to pray and start the process of finding the man that GOD is preparing for us. Tomorrow a...fter the morning church service we are going back in time, and studying the history of our church and learning from the Bible in Revelation the Seven Churches. We will be doing the parallel between them and our church. Wednesday, we are having Taco Soup for our weekly meal. And Friday get ready for GAME (yes one week early) but wait ... we will also be presenting the MOVIE, GOD'S NOT DEAD. you do not want to miss this week at FBCFM.

Next Sunday we are having a ROUND UP PARTY.
Everyone, are invited, you've been away on vacation with the kids for the Summer, they are now starting school and we wish them success and a learning experience that will help them in their future, most of all we want to pray for them. but why not have a great Gospel/Country Party. After the Sunday morning service in the fellowship hall.

Please let us know if you are coming and check with Denise Kelley if you can bring something


Brady, Jerry, Matt, Todd, Phyllis, Kim and Gretchen:

We want to let you know how happy and prayerful we are to hear of your nomination and election. We wanted to let you know that we will be praying for each and everyone of you and your families. Yes, families too. As any person who serves weather it is for our church, our community, our city, our states or our country, family members are a BIG part of YOU!
Remember what the goal is ... Pleasing God! We have seen how the Devil is not happy, he is attacking people in our congregation and we are stedfast on our way to VICTORY. We pray that God will protect each and everyone of you and your loved ones. May the group be blessed with all of God's love. And the unity of our faith follow you in this wonderful honor you have to serve God in searching the Man, He wants as his representative in our wonderful church of First Baptist Church of Flower Mound. You are in our daily prayers.

CCA 9th Annual Community Health Fair

We have been collaborating with CCA for a long time and we would like for you all to be aware of these informations. Put on your calendar for this weekend

Wednesday night meal are very important in this time of transition.

It is the perfect time to come and have a great meal, enjoy the fellowship 

and all that for a minimal price of 3$ for adults and youth,

of course as usual kids and preschoolers eat free.

Houray Houray

We will be extending our Wednesday night meals all summer long.

Yes you read it right!

The kitchen team will welcome you in June, July and August.

Prayer request and Praise

Praise the Lord for all our church family ... we are completely overwhelmed with all the love and support that was poured into our hearts tonight. Our little townhouse was coming undone at the seams with family and church family. Thank you for the prayers and the food. And Dr Souder that called all the way from Alaska. Brother David and Donna Kay Williams also called from Liberty, Tx.

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