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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Who would have thought that we would be so interested in the moment to moment activities of other people? 

I mean, I would hope that someone would care that I have written a blog and want to read it, but why would I think that someone would want to know that, right now, I am writing a blog?

And yet that is what Facebook would have me tell you.  They would have me stop the process and post a status update that says: "David Williams is writing a blog."  And then they would have you read that update and react to it with a comment ("What will your blog be about?" or "I thought you quit blogging?"), or at least click on the "thumbs up" to indicate that you "like this."

I have to confess that sometimes Facebook gives me too much information about the people I know, and way too much about the people they know. 

But I would love to read God's status update with the ease and regularity provided by Facebook.  Just imagine if God posted His thoughts, plans and activities on Facebook:

"i'm not happy with the way things are going right now."

"I'm getting ready to make it rain."

"Maybe somebody ought to start building an ark."

You recognize those posts from the days just before the flood, of course.  But, what if God were giving us His status update right now?

That's what we're going to think about this Sunday as we continue the message series, "friended by God."  Last week we learned that God created you to be His friend, Jesus chose you to be His friend, and the Holy Spirit came to be your friend.  I hope you have "confirmed" God's friend request by trusting Jesus as your Savior.  If so, then you need to be keeping up with God's status updates.  He's got one for you next Sunday morning at First Baptist Flower Mound.  I'll see you there.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

We start a new sermon series this Sunday, Sept. 20, one with a FaceBook theme:

friended by God: if God is everywhere, isn't He on facebook?

It seems that nearly everyone I know is on FaceBook now.  Some people aren't even checking their email anymore.  If you want to reach them, you better be a "friend" so you can contact them through FaceBook.

People accumulate hundreds of friends in this online community, and it is a good way to keep up with people you rarely see.  If you reach a certain point, you can't add any more friends.  You have to start adding "fans."  I'm nowhere near that number of friends on FB.

When you get a "friend request" on FB, we say that you have been "friended."  Then you have to make a choice.  There are two options: confirm or ignore.

That's a decision each of us has to make when we are "friended" by God, when He reaches out, gets our attention and asks us to become His friend.  Will you confirm?  Or will you ignore?

Bring your friends to hear the message this Sunday--not all your FB friends, but the real live friends you actually know and spend time with. 

As for those FB friends, why don't you let them know about the message series that starts this week, with a focus on their favorite online community.  Who knows?  Maybe some of them will show up, too.  I'll see you Sunday.


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